Good afternoon dear friends,

I am so grateful that you have chosen Freedom Services as your benefits administration service provider all these years. It is with truly mixed feelings that I am announcing that after 40 years of being in business, I am retiring and Freedom Services will be closing its doors on July 1, 2018. As you know, the dynamic world of employee benefits is ever changing and our heart has always been to provide you with the highest quality services possible. Therefore, it is of great importance to me that you will be in the right hands moving forward.

One option is to move your business to Flyte Human Capital Management. I am confident that Flyte HCM, who has purchased the assets of Freedom Services, is in place to provide the same services, but with improved methods and effectiveness. Flyte HCM is a modern company whose focus is on efficiency through technology and customer service, with a heart for detail and dedication to their clients on an individual level. Due to the many resources they currently utilize, they are not only a great fit to provide seamless continuation of your current services; they also excel in areas that Freedom Services was not working in.

Your Team at Flyte HCM will be in contact very soon to relay all relevant information and/or immediate changes, but overall you will see little to no disruption to your service. Of course, the choice of providers is yours. To the extent you decide to work with Flyte HCM, Freedom Services is in full cooperation to ensure a smooth transition. In the meantime, you can email Freedom Services at with any immediate questions and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Yvonne J. Haugland, Owner
Freedom Services, Inc.