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Introducing, The iPOP: The Individual Premium Only Plan

Individual coverage, pretax?  Without using a group plan!? 

Can this be compliant?

Tell me more 

Welcome to the breakthrough method for employees who want to pay for their individual health insurance coverage automatically through payroll!

iPOP is a revolutionary approach providing an automated payment solution to employees for the purchase of their individual health insurance:

-  Each employee pays their premium efficiently through payroll and experiences the security of a truly modern solution.

-  Employers around the country are talking about an administrator who genuinely takes the burden off the conversion to individual policies. 

It’s as efficient as a group plan, but I have the flexibility of a policy that directly fits my lifestyle and Freedom Services does all the heavy lifting.”  -Tom

Two plan options to choose from!

Standard iPOP

Like we heard from Tom, the Standard iPOP allows an employee to have their individual premium deducted from payroll and sent to their carrier for them. With the strength of Freedom Services support team, the Standard iPOP provides the employer all the necessary tools to make this an efficient and compliant plan for years to come.

AnyCarrier iPOP

On to the show: We’re pleased to present the groundbreaking, AnyCarrier iPOP! This product provides everything from the Standard iPOP along with a powerful financial delivery component that makes the whole thing virtually automated. How you ask?  Let’s take a look….

Tom’s monthly premium is $100. Since his employer has the AnyCarrier iPOP in place, he requests they take that $100 out of his paycheck and send it to his carrier for him. During Tom’s iPOP enrollment, he was given unique banking info which he gave to his carrier. From this special arrangement, Tom’s $100 is automatically moved from his check to his carrier.  YES!  It’s that simple.

Your Plan. Your Choice. The Freedom is yours again!


Send us a request of what kind of solution you are looking for and a representative will contact you shortly.