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Increase Well-Being in the Workplace

Our work environments play a crucial role in our mental health and well-being, as well as the economic health of the organization itself. As an employer, it is critical to provide employees ways they can feel their best in the workplace. As David W. Ballard, head of the Center for Organizational Excellence says, “Employers who understand the link between employee well-being and organizational performance are best positioned for success in the economic recovery.” Please check out these four factors that every organization should pay attention to if they aspire to cultivate a healthy environment in the workplace:

Employee Appreciation and Recognition

Identity is tied to work, so making employees feel appreciated and valued in the workplace boosts well-being and a greater sense of self. Place your employees in positions that will enable them to use and develop their strengths. Award them and recognize them as they are accomplishing their goals and building up those strengths.

Provide Resources for Mental Health and Stress Management

Each year, more than 41 million Americans experience some type of mental illness. Early detection and treatment of mental illness can prevent crisis and reduce employer’s health care costs. Check your local area for resources to schedule a mental health professional to come in and do free screenings. Check out Workplacementalhealth.org for free downloadable material that employers can use to help workers recognize the signs of depression.

Work-Life Balance

There are many ways to show employees that your company values a work-life balance. This may include providing flexible scheduling, telecommuting, reimbursements for wellness-related purchases, or even something as simple as holding employee wellness events and competitions for a day to get out of the office and interact with coworkers in a fun way.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

When you provide employees value and show them they are appreciated, they are more likely to participate in health and wellness related programs and activities. Wellness programs that provide exercise tips, education for eating healthier as well as financial education, tobacco cessation and health-condition management can show results such as lower health care expenses, a lower absenteeism rate, and higher productivity.


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