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Embracing the 2017 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Season is just around the corner. Here are some things to think about for engaging your employees in a positive way this season:

  1. Actively communicate with employees about healthcare coverage. According to a BenefitsPro article, an Aflac study found that 80% of employees agree that a well-communicated benefits package would make them less likely to leave their jobs.
  2. Embrace enrollment technology. Technology can make the enrollment process go much more smoothly. Younger generation employees often express a preference for receiving and analyzing benefits information by computer, phone or other electronic device. Try to make it a seamless process for both younger generation employees as well as older employees. Also, technology is great for capturing data, but it will not solve every problem and doesn’t change the importance of the other work that needs to be done.
  3. Provide benefits education. If employees don’t understand the plan correctly, they won’t understand how they could be saving money. Attach dollar values to their choices and show why their existing selection may or may not be a good choice. Benefits education is also crucial throughout the year. A benefit is only beneficial if the employee uses it. Periodically remind employees to review and evaluate their available benefits so they can take advantage of ones that work and drop those that do not.
  4. Evaluate the cost. Most employers want to offer a great benefits package to their employees, but if it costs too much, it could result in financial difficulties for the company. At the same time, spending too little on a benefits package could hurt employee retention. Consider voluntary benefits, which could potentially offer a win-win solution.
  5. Don’t forget about family coverage. Make sure to include the employees’ affected family members in the informational meetings. Getting to know more about employees’ families will show employees they are valued.


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