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Awesome Employee Benefits From Around the Globe

In the United States, it is common to hear about employee perks such as vacation and sick leave, paid maternity leave and flexible scheduling. Other countries around the world are providing nontraditional benefits that are unusual and pretty cool. Mercer compiled a list of the most unusual employee benefits from other countries. Here are a few of them:

  1. Botox leave
    If you live in the UK, Botox Leave is becoming more common. It allows employees time off for a little pampering including haircuts, facials, and Botox.
  2. Out-of-office credit cards
    Employees in Hungary often receive electronic vouchers from their employers to use on hotels, catering and certain leisure activities. The vouchers can be worth up to almost $1,400 per year.
  3. Time to open your own business
    Companies in France have allowed employees of at least two years to have unpaid leave for a 12-month period to start their own business. If it doesn’t work out, employees are entitled to have their job back, or a similar one with equal pay.
  4. Home generators
    In Nigeria, employers offer their employees home electricity generators and they even pay the maintenance costs for them.
  5. Single parent leave
    In Greece, employers have been known to give single parents who have kids under age 12, six paid days of leave each year to enjoy time with them.
  6. Time for caretaking
    It’s awesome being an employee in Portugal. Employees not only get 14 mandatory public holidays off, they also get 15 paid days off to get married or take care of a sick relative. If the relatives are children or grandchildren, employees get 30 paid days off.


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