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15 Inspiring New Year's resolutions we can all try for 2018

This month, thousands will turn their attentions to self-improvement with New Year resolutions, typically by joining a health club, eating better, and setting goals for the year ahead. Aside from the fact that most resolutions do not make it beyond the first few weeks of January, we can start any new day with the best intentions. Our goals do not have to be huge or hard to attain. Here are some inspiring resolutions to plan for your year, and none of them involve joining a gym:

  1. Use your phone less, engage with people more.
  2. Give back to your community.
  3. Learn a new hobby or skill.
  4. Go see a theatrical show.
  5. Sharpen your cooking skills; take a class or try a new recipe.
  6. Move your body more often.
  7. Start a garden, even if it’s a small one.
  8. Hug often.
  9. Waste less.
  10. Visit an old friend or relative.
  11. Eat for quality, not quantity.
  12. Write a business plan.
  13. Stop procrastinating.
  14. Start working to achieve your dreams.
  15. Spend more time outside.