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Top Employee Stressors

According to the 2017 Wellness Trends Report from Humana, Inc., here are the top employee stressors that really take a toll on the health of workers.

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Effective Workplace Communication Tips

Communicating is a lot like breathing – it’s essential and we do it all the time. We can communicate differently depending on the situation and environment.

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Give Your Brain a Break

Did you know that your brain isn’t designed for a full day of work? That’s why it is so important to actually embrace and enjoy your break times at your place of business each day.

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Getting to the Heart of Jack: An Interview with Jack Meusey

Happy New Year! Back in 2013, we shared an article with you about Jack Meusey, the man who pulls the insurance industry together through publishing. We checked in with Jack to see how things were going, and once again, Jack inspired us!

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2017: The Year for Streamlined HR

New Year’s is a time to look at the past, reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and to decide on what can be changed moving forward.

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