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Unique Employee Benefits

Employers are going to interesting measures to attract and retain talent.

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Employee Benefit Outsourcing

Complex labor & benefit laws have always created administrative challenges for companies across the country. Whether it’s Family and Medical Leave Act issues or Affordable Care Act requirements, it’s tough for employers to manage all the information, let alone manage it with complete confidence.

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Choosing an FSA, HSA or HRA

You know that you would like to provide a health benefit account in order to maximize the benefits for your employees, but which type of account do you choose – a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, or Health Reimbursement Arrangement?

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The Presidential Candidates and the Affordable Care Act

Employee Benefit News put together a great article about where each presidential candidate stands regarding the Affordable Care Act and what they plan to do about it if they are in office. Regardless of your political view, it’s important to be well-informed about where each candidate stands on key issues such as the ACA, so you can make the wisest choice possible as a voter.

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Simple Ways to Craft a More Positive Email

Most of us have been in a working environment of some sort where we have had to spend time reading emails and replying to them. Have you ever received an email, where the tone of it sounded quite negative, but you weren’t sure if that is how the sender meant it to sound? It’s amazing how even replacing a single word in an email can change the whole tone.

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1094/1095 Reporting Delayed

Applicable large employers who offer health coverage to their full-time employees, or any employers who offer a self-insured medical plan, must report information about the health coverage to the IRS. The IRS uses this information to administer the “Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions” and the premium tax credit. Applicable large employers are required to report to the IRS regardless of whether they offer health insurance coverage or not.

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